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We are delighted to welcome Katie to the Renegade Group team.

With her extensive background in talent acquisition and industry expertise, Katie will play a vital role in advancing Renegade Group’s mission to provide top-notch manpower solutions to the utilities and energy sectors.

As a seasoned professional in talent acquisition, workforce management and business development, Katie Summerford brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Renegade Group.

In her new role, Katie will serve as a key member of Renegade Group’s utilities and energy division, focusing on identifying and attracting top-tier talent to meet the evolving needs of clients in the sector. She will also bring her years of business development experience to Renegade Group and the organization continues to serve new customers and new regions.

“We are thrilled to welcome Katie Summerford to the Renegade Group team,” said Kris LaBlue, President of Employment Services at Renegade Group.

“Her extensive experience and deep understanding of the utilities and energy industry make her an invaluable asset to our organization.”

Katie Summerford’s appointment underscores Renegade Group’s ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of manpower services.

“I am honored to join Renegade Group and be part of a team that is renowned for its expertise and dedication to serving clients in the utilities and energy sector,” said Katie.

“I am excited to leverage my experience and skills to help Renegade Group further its mission of providing exceptional services and driving success for clients in the industry.”


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