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Renegade Group is delighted to announce the promotion of Bidal Salas to the position of Director - Business Development

This promotion reflects his commendable contributions and the company’s commitment to recognizing and nurturing talent within its ranks.

Bidal has been an integral part of Renegade Group for two years, consistently demonstrating a keen understanding of business development. His ability to spot opportunities, cultivate relationships, and devise effective strategies has set him apart as a valuable asset to the company.

Kris LaBlue, President of Employment Services at Renegade Group, expressed his satisfaction with Salas’s promotion, stating, “Bidal has consistently demonstrated exceptional skills and dedication. His expertise in business development and deep knowledge of our industry make him an ideal fit for this role.”

As the Director – Business Development, Bidal will play a central role in shaping the company’s growth strategies and enhancing its market presence. His wealth of experience equips him to navigate the evolving landscape of business development in the industries where Renegade Group operates.

One of Bidal’s core strengths lies in his ability to establish genuine connections with people. This quality not only benefits business development but also reflects his sincere interest in the success and satisfaction of both clients and colleagues.

Bidal’s promotion is also a positive example for his peers and colleagues within Renegade Group. It highlights the company’s dedication to recognizing and nurturing talent from within, creating a culture of ongoing learning and career advancement.

In his new role, Bidal will bring fresh perspectives and innovative strategies to Renegade Group’s business development efforts. His vision aligns with the company’s goals, promising a dynamic future.

As the Director – Business Development, Bidal will lead efforts to explore new markets, forge strategic partnerships, and optimize existing client relationships. His leadership will undoubtedly be crucial in driving Renegade Group’s expansion and further establishing its reputation as a leader in the industry.




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